Admission test

To be admitted to the Master's Degree Course in Architecture it is necessary to have a three-year degree or university diploma (as per Ministerial Decree 270/2004, Art. 6) or other qualification obtained abroad which is recognised as being suitable, and for which a selection test has been passed, as stipulated by Article 1 of law 264/99 (the national admission Test). Prior to enrolment, it is necessary to ensure that students hold the necessary academic requirements and that their level of personal competence is sufficient, in line with the methods defined in full in the course regulations and briefly described as follows:

1) Academic pre-requisites

The academic pre-requisites which must be held refer to the numbers of university credits held in sectors covering sets of scientific subjects which are pertinent to the activities of the Class of Degrees in Architectural Sciences (Class L-17 of Ministerial Decree 270/2004). The Course Regulations stipulate these sets, as well as quantifying the associated university credits and stipulating sufficient knowledge of the English language. Any academic integrations in terms of university credits must be acquired prior to assessment of individual competence.

2) Assessment of suitable personal competence

Assessment of personal competence is always required, and is different from the possession of the academic requirements. Assessment of personal competence is not needed when the study qualification required to access the second cycle degree course has been obtained with a score of 90/110 or higher, as stipulated by the Course Regulations. In case of a lower grade, the assessment of personal competence is conducted in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in the Course Regulations by the relevant Board with an individual interview, the outcome of which is certified for the purposes of subsequent enrolment.

For better information contact Incoming guidance Responsible, Prof. Andrea Zerbi