Application procedure



To access to the Second Cycle Degree in “Architecture and City Sustainability” as a foreign student, several successive steps shall be followed.



First of all a pre-evaluation of the actual qualification must be processed by a scientific teaching Committee. All the documentation concerning previous education and hold degrees and qualifications must be collected and sent in digital format via the University of Parma web portal at the address or directly by email to More in details, the applicant must provide the following attachments:


1) (compulsory) copy of the official certificate of the hold degree (or degrees) and clear indication of the legal duration of the degree with its equivalence to a first or a second cycle degree;

2) (compulsory) transcript of records of all the exams passed (with clear indication of the title and corresponding credits or total number of hours of each course) and official syllabus or program in brief of each course attended and passed;

3) curriculum vitae, passport and language qualifications.


Then, the scientific teaching Committee assesses if the hold foreign qualification and the related documentation meet the requirements to access the Second Cycle degree in “Architecture and city sustainability”. This pre-evaluation usually can take up to 2 months. All the course lessons begin at the end of September and it is better to complete the enrolment before the start date of the program.



If the foreign degree meets the minimum requirements (in some cases some integrative courses could be assigned), the formal matriculation/enrolment procedure can start. All the documents and certificates must be at his stage issued by the competent authority of the awarding institution and translated into Italian. Documents must then be certified and legalized by the competent Italian Embassy/Consulate of the country where the awarding institution is located; the Italian Embassy/Consulate will then issue the Declaration of Value.


NON-EU students generally have to submit to the Italian Embassy/Consulate also a pre-application form to enrol in an Italian University, in order to obtain the entry Visa for study purposes. The deadline for this application is usually around the mid of July. See also


More detailed instructions for the admission to the Second Cycle Degree Courses can be found here:




The Second Cycle Degree in “Architecture and City Sustainability” offers courses both in Italian and in English. To attend the English courses, a certified B2 or at least B1 English level is required. A certificate of the actual English level must be added in the attachments sent for the pre-evaluation procedure. While, to attend courses delivered in Italian language, it is compulsory to pass an Italian language test (generally scheduled between the end of August and the beginning of September) before enrolling. Alternatively, an official certification is required demonstrating your knowledge of Italian at a B2 level.

To introduce you to the test, the University of Parma offers an online preparatory course. For more information visit the web page Please refer to section "Free preparatory course and tests of Italian Language competence for 2021/2022 applicants".