Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

The final assessment of the candidate takes into account the results of the entire university career, the evaluation given by the professors of the Final Synthesis Laboratory on the final thesis on the candidate’s project work carried out in the laboratory and the final examination. The thesis is written under the guidance of a supervisor from the Department. The thesis may be theoretical, design-oriented or experimental. In order to develop coordinated design work and analysis of subject areas in the last year, the second cycle degree thesis can be linked to the problem areas that arise in the project drafted for the final laboratory work. The oral exam for the second cycle degree shall revolve around the second cycle degree thesis written by the candidate.
Grading the second cycle Degree exams
The grade of the final exams for attaining the academic qualifications is expressed out of 110. The exam is passed if the grade is at least of 66/110. Honours can only be awarded if the board gives its unanimous approval.
Enrolment in the final Second Cycle Degree exams
Three degree sessions – summer, autumn and extraordinary – are set for each academic year. At least 30 days prior to the date set for the Degree exam, the candidate must submit the application for admission to the final examination, along with the necessary documentation, to the Students’ Registry Office. The Students’ Registry Office checks to ensure that the candidate has acquired the necessary credits on the course, as set out in the syllabus.